Meet the BioMaterials Design Group


The Biomaterials Design Group at Northeastern University works at the interface of bioanalytical chemistry, materials science, and design. We investigate fundamental mechanisms behind systems in biology and use our understanding to better inform and design new classes of materials that may interface with or enhance human performance. The Group also focuses on strategic tool building as a means to target specific biological questions during materials development.

Current research projects focus on developing adaptive photonic sensors inspired by cephalopods and designing bionic protein materials for implantable electronics. For more information about what we do, check out our SCIENCE section.

The Latest and Greatest

12/2023 – WHAT A YEAR! Mikey graduated is off to Sanofi. Congrats Mikey!! Postdoc Lasanthi scored an awesome position at Blueshift. We onboarded 2 new PhD students: Wei-Ting Change and Kaitlyn Flynn (rockstars!) and published 4 papers on:
Protein Dynamics in the Vertebrate Lens
Adaptive sensing/display in cephalopods

SO SO excited to see what 2024 has in store!!

11/2022 – Mikey’s paper on understanding and manipulating lens crystallin assembly dynamics is finally out in PNAS!


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