11/2022 – Mikey’s paper on understanding and manipulating lens crystallin assembly dynamics is finally out in PNAS

10/2022 – We have had a FULL summer welcoming newest postdocs Lasanthi Sumathirathne, Ji-Young Lee, and Taehwan Kim to the lab! 

4/2022 – The BDG is hiring for multiple positions including 4 postdocs and 3 BS or MS research interns in the following areas:
– Cephalopod-inspired electrochromic systems
– Artificial chromatophore systems
– Engineered living materials
– Eco-friendly paints 
Reach out to Leila directly if you are interested!

3/2022 – Cassandra’s latest paper in Chemistry of Materials focuses on manipulating collagen thermodynamics for materials design. It’s amazing!!

2/2022 – New year, new paper: Check out Dan’s latest on wearable multispectral sensors built from unique biochromes in ACS Sensors

10/2021 – Goodbye to postdoc Matt Vallon and research scientist Rebecca Ford – we are excited to see what comes next for you!

10/2021 – Goodbye to postdoc Dan Wilson, who is leaving the lab but will remain a close collaborator nearby in his new Staff Scientist role at the Kostas Research Institute. 

09/2021 – So excited to see two new BDG publications out this month  on totally separate topics! Congrats to Cassandra and team on the ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering paper on collagen fibers and Jason and team for their work on cephalopod-inspired materials just published in Advanced Optical Materials!

07/2021 – Our perspective on sensing and signaling in cephalopod skin is out in Integrative and Comparative Biology,  where we question whether eyes live in the skin of these animals!

07/2021 –  Dan’s perspective is published in Matter! Check it out for guide on all things color, texture, and pattern inspired by nature.

05/2021 – Cassandra DEFENDS her PhD!! So many congratulations and virtual high-fives in the air!!

01/2021 – The BDG says goodbye to postdoc Jason Lin. We wish you best of luck in your next endeavors!

12/2020- Congrats to Camille and Jason for leading our latest paper out in ACS Applied Biomaterials!

09/2020 – Hurray! Conor Gomes has successfully defended his PhD!

04/2020- Congrats to Cassandra, Mikey, and team for our latest paper out in Bioelectricity!

03/2020 – The BDG welcomes Matthew Vallon, a new postdoc to the group.  Welcome Matt!

01/2020 – It’s a new year, a new decade, and a new lab! The BDG welcomes newest postodoc, Dan Wilson. Dan comes to us from Tufts having just received his PhD from Charlie Mace. Welcome, Dan!

12/2019 – The BDG welcomes our newest graduate students – Patrick, Erica, and Duncan. Welcome to the team y’all!

10/2019 – The BDG welcomes postdoc Jason Lin to the team! Jason comes to us from Cornell, having just received his PhD in Food Science with Julie Goddard. Welcome, Jason!

09/2019 – Congratulations to Camille for such a successful PHD defense! We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

09/2019 – Congrats to Camille for leading our latest collaborative work on a new bioinspired UV-filter that protects mammalian cells against UV-induced cellular damage published in ChemComm!! 07/2019 – Fresh new group photo taken on the 2nd hottest day of the year no less!

06/2019 – Conor heads off to a PhD co-op at Azzteck, LLC in Boston! We’ll see you in December, Conor!

05/2019 – Congrats to Jeff, Cassandra, and team for their latest paper on investigating de novo fibrillogenesis published in Chem, Cell Press!

05/2019 – Farewell to Tom! He will embark on his new role as Analytical Chemist at the MIT-Broad Foundry.

04/2019 – Congrats to Tom for his latest paper on the electro-catalyzed synthesis of squid pigment xanthommatin published in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering!

03/2019 – Thrilled to see our collaborative work on cephalopod chromatophores published in Nature Communications! Congrats to Tom and team for leading this effort!

02/2019 – Congrats to Tom for a successful PhD defense!! Excited to see what comes next!      

12/2018 – Congrats to Amrita and team for their latest paper on nature-inspired electrochromics in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces!

11/2018 – Excited to see Conor and team’s latest paper in Advanced Functional Materials!

05/2018 – Congrats to Sean for a successful defense!! So much excitement in the air! sean1  

 04/2018 – Excited to see our collaborative work with Rudi Seitz published in Sensors! 04/2018 Loving the look of our cover art for Advanced Optical Materials! Graduate student, Sean Dinneen, sketched the design that was originally inspired by the Art Deco look of his vintage Rocketeer poster.

 cover art2

02/2018 – Congrats to Amrita and the team for their new paper in Advanced Optical Materials! 05/2017 – Congrats to Isabel for being awarded the Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavor Award!

01/2018 – The BDG welcomes a fresh crop of undergrads. Welcome Molly, Jacob, and Isabel!

1/2018 – Sean has accomplished a paper hat-trick, with his newest paper published in the Journal of Optics. Congratulations to Sean and team!

12/2017 – Chris successfully defended his Master’s Thesis work. Congratulations to you Master DiBona!

09/2017 – Sean’s new paper on making an measuring squid pigment aerosols is out in a special issue of APL Materials. Check it out!

08/2017 – Congrats to Conor and Cassandra for passing their cumulative exams! #crushedit

05/2017 – Congrats to Annie for being awarded the Wolfgang Goetzinger-Amgen Memorial Fellowship!

05/2017 – The BDG welcomes its newest members Camille and Cassandra!

04/2017 – Leila travels to the American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco, where she presented on electro-active protein materials and co-organized a symposium “Applications of Wearable and Implantable Sensors for Systems in Biology.

01/2017 – The BDG is ringing in the new year celebrating their newest paper published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Congratulations to Sean for all his hard work in making this happen!

11/2016 – The BDG welcomes its newest member Dr. Amrita Kumar!

11/2016 – Congratulations to Chris, Tom, Sean, and Steph on their paper published in JoVE!

10/2016 – Congratulations to Alec, Pat, Matt, and Bianca on their paper published in Biointerphases!

10/2016 – Congratulations to Conor on his paper published in RSC Advances!

09/2016 – The BDG welcomes its newest member Dr. Jeff Paten! 08/2016 – The BDG is travelling to the American Chemical Society meeting in Philadelphia, where the whole team will be presenting!    

08/2016 – The BDG moves from University of New Hampshire to their new home in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Northeastern University!